We run a variety of classes of different levels and interest in Dundee. There is also a student group at Dundee University. Please select as appropriate from the menu above. Not sure what you are looking for? Then here are some guidelines:

 Which class is right for you?

Are you new to Scottish Country dancing or have you enjoyed ceilidh dancing and are keen to learn more about Scottish music and dance? Then come to the Beginners class where you will learn the steps and most common formations. Click on the New Dancers tab for more information. If you have a little knowledge of Scottish Country Dancing, do come along to the Beginners class in the first instance and we can determine which class is best for you or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for guidance.

If you have a good knowledge of the basics and most of the common formations in Scottish country dancing and are looking for a pleasant social evening to learn old and new dances, then the Social Dancing class is right for you.

Do you know the steps and the most common formations, but would like to expand your knowledge and learn the more complex dances?  Then the Advanced class is the class for you.

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