Dundee Half-Day School and Dance

Saturday 23rd March 2024

Morgan Academy, Forfar Road, Dundee, DD4 7AX

RSCDS Dundee Branch is holding a Half Day School on Saturday 23rd March 2024 in Morgan Academy, Forfar Road, Dundee, DD4 7AX. There will be wo classes in the afternoon between 14.30 and 17.30, taught by Janet Johnston accompanied by David Oswald. These will be followed by a dance in the evening with David Oswals and his band. The school has a bright, spacious Assembly Hall which is an excellent venue for Scottish country dancing. The school will remain open between the classes and the dance for those wishing to bring a picnic or order a fish supper. Applications in advance for the afternoon classes please (form available here; or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Parking: There is ample parking in the grounds of the school. Access is via a gate on Forfar Road a short distance below the school. Overflow parking is available to the east of the school - take the driveway which runs below the stone balustrade in front of the school.


David Oswald's Band


£10 (Student £7; Spectator £5) No raffle; Pay at door
Please bring a cup and your own water bottle

All dances recapped and may be walked through quickly.  

Programme (CribDiagramVideo)
 Good Hearted Glasgow
Elspeth Gray's Reel
Braes of Breadalbane
The Edinburgh Toy Shop
Teacher's Choice
Anna Holden's Strathspey
A Capital Jig
The Silver Tassie
None So Pretty
J 8x32
R 8x32
S 8x32 
J 8x32
S 8x32
J 8x32
S 8x32
R 8x40
Interval - please bring a cup
 EH3 7AF
Countess of Dunmore's Reel
Teacher's Choice
Major Ian Stewart
Preston Mill
Fair Donald
The Chased Lovers
Minister on the Loch
Reel of the 51st Division
 J 8x32
R 8x32
J 8x32
R 5x32
S  8x32
J 8x32
S 3x32
R 8x32