Summer Dances 2017

St Andrew's Church Hall, King Street, Dundee DD2 2JB

7:30 to 10:30 pm

Dancers: £6.00  Junior dancers & Spectators: £3.00

(includes refreshments)

All Programmes Recapped

19th June 2017.  Music: David Oswald.  MC: Fiona Mackie

 J The Jubilee Jig  RSCDS Leaflets
 R Inverneill House  RSCDS Book 35
 S Miss Gibson's Strathspey  RSCDS Leaflets
J The Chequered Court RSCDS Book 42
R Red House RSCDS Book 7
 S Up in the Air RSCDS Book 20
J John Cass RSCDS Book 49
S The Swan and the Tay Perth 800
R The Highland Rambler RSCDS Leeds Silver Jubilee
 J The Laird of Milton's Daughter RSCDS Book 22
R The Castle of Mey  RSCDS Queen's Diamond Jubilee
 S Bruce Frazer of Strathkinness RSCDS St Andrews. 75 years ..
J Mrs Stewart's Jig RSCDS Book 35
R The College Hornpipe RSCDS Book 20
S The Silver Tassie RSCDS Leaflets
 J Hooper's Jig RSCDS Miscellany
S Loch Linnhe RSCDS Leeds Silver Jubilee
R Reel of the 51st Division RSCDS Book 13

26th June 2017. Music: Neil Copland. MC: Susan Robertson

 J A Scottish Jig Let's All Dance
R Shifin' Bobbins Ormskirk 6
S There's Something about Thirty RSCDS Book 50
J The Kelloholm Jig RSCDS Leaflets
R Orpintong Caledonians RSCDS Book 49
S Gold in Tassie Drewry.  Australian Book
J The Festival Man RSCDS Book 48
s Gang the Same Gate RSCS Book 36
R The Earl of Mansfield RSCDS Leaflets
 J Granville Market RSCDS Graded Book 2
S Blue Butterfly Brooks
R The Falls of Rogie Attwood.  Alexander Dances 1
J Bill Clement MBE RSCDS Book 47
S Linnea's Strathspey RSCDS Book 47
R The Bees They Are A' Drummin' Peart.  Sunday Class Book 2`
 S Cherrybank Gardens Drewry.  Bankhead 1
J John Cass RSCDS Book 49
R The Deil Amang The Tailors RSCS Book 14

3rd July 2017.  Music: Jim Lindsay.  MC: Jim Healy

 J Joie de Vivre RSCDS Book 39
R Maxwell's Rant RSCDS Book 18
S Delvine Side RSCDS Book 2
J Best Set in the Hall RSCDS Book 46
R Inverneill House RSCDS Book 35
S City of Belfast RSCDS Book 48
 J Beach Dancer West.
S The Gentleman RSCDS Book 35
R Bratach Bana Drewry.  Bon Accord Book
 J The Machine without Horses RSCDS  Book 12
R Wellington Street Silver Collection
 S The Dean Bridge of Edinburgh RSCDS Book 23
J Shadow RSCDS Book 50
R Mrs MacLeod RSCDS Book 6
 S Miss Gibson's Strathspey RSCSD Leaflets
J The Laird of Milton's Daughter RSCS Book 22
S Jean Martin of Aberdeen RSCDS 3 for 2006
 R The Reel of the Royal Scots RSCDS Leaflets

10th July 2017.  Music: Lindsay Weir.  MC: Stella Phillips

 J Hooper's Jig RSCDS Miscellany
R The Kissing Bridge RSCdS Book 47
S There's Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose RSCDS Book 10
 J Plum Tree Jig Dix.  Reel Friends 2
R Eileen Watt's Reel RSCDS Magazine
S Anna Holden's Strathspey RSCDS Book 42
J Quarries' Jig RSCDS  Book 36
S Miss Eleanor RSCS Book 49
 R West's Hornpipe RSCDS 5 for 1965
 J The Machine Withouth Horses RSCDS Book 12
R The Castle of Mey RSCDS Queen's Diamond Jubillee
S The Rose of the North RSCDS Leeds Silver Jubilee
J Greetings from Dundee RSCDS Dundee Blossom Book
H Catch the Wind RSCS Book 45
S Friendships RSCDS Graded Book 3
J The Newburgh Jig RSCDS  Book 48
 S The Paisley Weavers  RSCDS Graded Book 3
R The Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh RSCDS  Book 39