Scottish Country Dance Events in Scotland

The late John Sturrock of St Andrews Branch administered the online Dance Diary of SCD events in Scotland for many years. This has been very useful for dancers and organisers alike, and this Events Diary seeks to continue to provide such information. The Diary is dependent on organisers sending information. If a dance is missing, do ask the organiser to send in the information. Note that on some devices (mainly Apple) some phone numbers may appear faint. 

Please send information (Date, Town, Event, Band, Venue, Organiser, Contact, Email Address, Phone no, Web link) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You are welcome to provide an email address (please specify that you consent to it being published) and also a website address to direct dancers to more detailed information. To protect from spam, email addresses are on two lines - add @ instead of the line break.

Please check event details before setting out in case of any changes.

If an event is in blue font, tap or right-click and 'Open in New Tab' for more information. Most of the links are currently to websites. If you publish a programme on the Scottish Country Dance Database (, send the direct link for this and we will upload it (web links only please, no files; for instructions how to get your programme on the web, please click here). Double-check that the correct link has been inserted for your dance and let us know of any errors.

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We are grateful to Christine Cant of RSCDS Aberdeen Branch for ongoing technical help.